Ruddy Sunday


Hello again!

I’ve spent a lovely lovely day roaming around the streets of London once again enjoying the golden sunshine. Fall really is gorgeous (if it’s not dull and rainy, of course haha)! I woke up feeling happy and pumped to go for a walk – just to simply enjoy myself. I made sure I wrap up warm and in this post I am going to share my Sunday look with you guys:




I’ll be honest with you, I really couldn’t decide what to wear!!..but it’s in my nature to think I’ve got a clear idea of what I’ll be wearing and then change my mind again and again 10 minutes before leaving the house (please tell me it’s not just me!). Finally I threw on something that I know looks good on me and makes me feel comfortable – after all it is just a little walk on a Sunday afternoon.

I picked out one of my absolute favourites – a long sleeved A-line dress from hm jersey section. It’s just so comfy and trendy!! What I love about this dress are the pockets, I fall involve with anything that has pockets and believe it’s a great addition to any look.

I didn’t want to go all black so I paired the black jersey dress with some casual light brown leggings from Forever21, and threw on my new coat also from hm.






For my accessories, I chose this two piece golden chain necklace, and a delicate simplistic golden bracelet that I love love love!!





My boots are from Primark. I walked in the store without any intentions of buying anything, but once I saw these 70s lace-up booties in suede, I knew I had to have them – and here I am! They are simply gorgeous and inexpensive making that decision of “should I buy it or not” so much easier to justify.



As for my bag, it’s an hm faux leather bag with some tassels from NewLook that I attached myself. I love this bag – it’s so classy and spacious.




I hope you enjoyed it, I’ll see you again next time!

Alise x