Hey guys!

I have been on a holiday back home in Latvia. It’s usually super cold and Christmas time is always white..not this year. Christmas time passed with a dull and grey few days that gave me some time to walk around and take some pictures. Soon after the temperature dropped to nearly -9 and the roof tops turned all white with snow and ice. Not sure how I feel about it as I’m constantly freezing haha

Luckily, as I already mentioned, I did manage to capture some pre-snow shots that I can share with you guys!




I’m proud to say I got this red coat from my grandmothers “big golden chest” aka her vintage closet that is full of items that she’s bought years and years ago but has never worn. It’s been waiting for me almost 30 years! (My gran is truly exceptional when it comes to maintaining clothes intact)



I have also cut my hair even shorter than it was before! I do think it suits me but I miss my old hair that reached my waist.. oh well, change is good 😉


Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! xx