Current Favourites

Hey everyone!  

Today I thought I would show you some of my current beauty favourites that I’ve found myself using a lot recently! –

First, it’s my Natural Collection mascara that I’ve been using for a while now and absolutely love it. It’s so simple and natural looking which is everything I need. Plus, it’s so affordable I really wouldn’t change it for anything else.natural collection mascara

Second, it’s the NYX Wonder Stick. It’s the perfect tool for contouring in a quick and easy way!KIKO

Then, it’s my Oriflame fluffy eye shadow brush which I have found to be the best help when it comes to creating my favourite eye shadow looksoriflame brush

My all time favourite MaxFactor Whipped Cream foundation (in light ivory) that is so smooth, gentle, easy to apply and matches my complexion perfectly!whipped creme foundation

I simply love Natural Collection make up, it’s my go-to whenever I need something new and affordable. This fragnance-free eyeshadow in the shade Asteroid is super pigmented and never creases on the eye-lid making it one of my best buys! eye shadow

I’m a huge nail varnish lover and I can never leave the store without getting a new shade for my collection! This beautiful MaxFactor Glossfinity varnish really does hold for nearly a week and the shade is amazing for the fall season.Glossfinity nails

No one likes the look of a smudged nail varnish, even more, everyone hates waiting around for it to dry! The solution? Catrice Ultra Stay and Gel Shine top coat. It makes ANY nail varnish dry in a minute and coats it with an extra shiny top coat! top coat nails

There you go – my absolute favourites that have never disappointed me!


Best Foundation for Fair Skin

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share with you my absolute favourite foundations that suit me and my fair skin without making me look yellow and caky (which often is a huge problem with other brands!)

foundation collection text1

It’s always important to create a good foundation base no matter if you’re going for that el natural look with just a light foundation and mascara, or even if you’re going all out on a smokey eye and red lip. The base makes such a big difference, don’t you agree? So here I am sharing a few of my trustworthy foundations that I’ve used for quite a while and know they work for me! And no matter what shade you are, I’m sure these brands can offer you something that suits you and your skin tone:

  1. Only recently I started applying primer. I wasn’t really buying the idea at all but thought I would give it a try and see if it’s really worth the fuss. Now that I’ve had it for a few weeks I can really tell you guys – if you don’t have a primer yet, go and get one! It does help the make-up stay on for most of the day and not crease. I’m using this Loreal Paris Infallible Mattifying base which smoothens your skin making it nice and matt, ready to apply foundation and forget about that shiny forehead. I am super happy I got it.
  2. For those lazy, good-skin or lovely summer days I prefer using a light, moisturising foundation like The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream. I actually got it as a present first in the shade 03 which was a little bit too dark for my skin tone (I’m quite fussy about it) but I just loved the texture and the lightness the BB cream had so I just HAD to go to the store and get it in a shade that suits me better. It really is a great product – quick to use, light on the skin, moisturising and so small you can pop it in your bag and have it with you at all times.
  3. Now I can’t really express my love for the MaxFactor Whipped Creme foundation. I first bought it a few years ago when it had just come out and I was curious to see if I liked it..and yes, I really did! The shade light ivory is just the perfect match for me, I don’t think I can name any other foundation that matches my skin tone so perfectly. And the creamy texture helps the foundation get into every little crevasse of your skin, and it’s also mattifying! Perfect!!
  4. The Sleek Bare skin Natural Feel Liquid foundation is my favourite because it really is all that it says on the bottle – It’s lightweight, moisturising and easy to apply, and you don’t even feel it on your skin once applied. I do really suggest it if you don’t really want to use a BB cream as it is a little bit thicker, but don’t neccessarely want to go for the creamy foundation!
  5. Just like the Whipped Creme, this Maybelline FITme foundation has been in my make-up collection for quite a few years now. It matched my skin tone perfectly, is super lightweight and easy to apply. I don’t think I will ever forget to buy it once the bottle is finished, give it a try guys!

foundation collection flatlay

So this is my ‘little’ foundation collection that I trust and have my love for. It is a little hard to get the right foundation if you’re like me and you’re skin is pale – I always get so disappointed when the lightest shade is too yellow, too red or is still too dark for my complexion!! But in all honesty, I wouldn’t really want to change any of these or even try any new foundations, I’ve found mine already.

Hope you enjoyed it, see you next time

Alise x