HM Wishlist

hey guys! 

new year – new season!
Here are some of my most favourites from the new H&M collection:

hm post1

  1. Black fringed jumper     2. Brown leather skirt     3. Patterned coat


hm post2

4. Wide blouse     5. Biker jacket with pile collar     6. Striped jersey top


hm post

7. Superstretch trousers     8. Cargo pants     9. Textured cardigan


hm post3

10. Jacquard-weave bomber jacket     11. Frilled blouse      12. Lace top


hm post5

13. Suede bucket bag     14. Suede handbag (top)     15. Shoulder bag with tassel 


hm post4

16. Trainers      17. Platform boots with fringes (top)     18. Slip-on trainers (bottom)





Hey there!

It’s been a while since I actually talked to you guys..although it doesn’t seem like it’s been THAT long. I’ve been going through some rough patches in my life but today I’m still standing strong and proving myself how strong I actually am.




Coat: ASOS
Skirt: River Island
Jumper: H&M
Boots: Clarks


Thanks for visiting my blog, more on my instagram – see you next time! x



January Wishlist

                             Boyfriend Jeans                  Jumper                            Sweatshirt


                                  Denim Jacket            Denim Jacket                  Denim Culotte

                                          Oversized Shirt            Short Coat                Fringe Cape

                                           Court Shoes          Floral Espadrilles              Flat Shoes


Hey guys!

I have been on a holiday back home in Latvia. It’s usually super cold and Christmas time is always white..not this year. Christmas time passed with a dull and grey few days that gave me some time to walk around and take some pictures. Soon after the temperature dropped to nearly -9 and the roof tops turned all white with snow and ice. Not sure how I feel about it as I’m constantly freezing haha

Luckily, as I already mentioned, I did manage to capture some pre-snow shots that I can share with you guys!




I’m proud to say I got this red coat from my grandmothers “big golden chest” aka her vintage closet that is full of items that she’s bought years and years ago but has never worn. It’s been waiting for me almost 30 years! (My gran is truly exceptional when it comes to maintaining clothes intact)



I have also cut my hair even shorter than it was before! I do think it suits me but I miss my old hair that reached my waist.. oh well, change is good 😉


Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! xx

That Yellow Jumper I love

bright classic look

Hello everyone!

The weather is getting colder and colder with every day that passes by, meaning we will all be wrapping up warm with our scarves and hats pretty soon! This time I really wanted to say my goodbyes to the lovely Autumn 2015 with my favourite yellow jumper and share with you a look that I created.

bright classic look

bright classic look

bright classic look bright classic look

The look: hm jumper
slack trousers
Primark boots
                 hm ear cuffs

bright classic look

bright classic look

bright classic look

bright classic look

Thanks for reading! See you next time! x


Classic + Casual

classic + casual

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share with you the double C look – Classic and Casual – which means you can look quite classy but feel comfortable at the same time (wait, that’s quadruple C’s… ) haha

I wore my River Island high waist leggings with a white cotton shirt, also from RI, and a black fine-knit jumper from hm. On top I threw on my favourite olive trench coat and matched it with my vintage clutch!

My trainers are my most recent buy from Zara and I must say – I couldn’t be happier to have these shoes. I had been looking for a nice pair of trainers that would suit my style but wouldn’t cost a ridiculous amount, and here they are!

All the accessories are from hm

classic + casual

classic + casual

classic + casual

classic + casual

classic + casual

classic + casual

classic + casual

classic + casual

classic + casual

classic + casual

classic + casual

Hope you enjoyed, see you next time!

Alise x

Ruddy Sunday


Hello again!

I’ve spent a lovely lovely day roaming around the streets of London once again enjoying the golden sunshine. Fall really is gorgeous (if it’s not dull and rainy, of course haha)! I woke up feeling happy and pumped to go for a walk – just to simply enjoy myself. I made sure I wrap up warm and in this post I am going to share my Sunday look with you guys:




I’ll be honest with you, I really couldn’t decide what to wear!!..but it’s in my nature to think I’ve got a clear idea of what I’ll be wearing and then change my mind again and again 10 minutes before leaving the house (please tell me it’s not just me!). Finally I threw on something that I know looks good on me and makes me feel comfortable – after all it is just a little walk on a Sunday afternoon.

I picked out one of my absolute favourites – a long sleeved A-line dress from hm jersey section. It’s just so comfy and trendy!! What I love about this dress are the pockets, I fall involve with anything that has pockets and believe it’s a great addition to any look.

I didn’t want to go all black so I paired the black jersey dress with some casual light brown leggings from Forever21, and threw on my new coat also from hm.






For my accessories, I chose this two piece golden chain necklace, and a delicate simplistic golden bracelet that I love love love!!





My boots are from Primark. I walked in the store without any intentions of buying anything, but once I saw these 70s lace-up booties in suede, I knew I had to have them – and here I am! They are simply gorgeous and inexpensive making that decision of “should I buy it or not” so much easier to justify.



As for my bag, it’s an hm faux leather bag with some tassels from NewLook that I attached myself. I love this bag – it’s so classy and spacious.




I hope you enjoyed it, I’ll see you again next time!

Alise x



a few days ago I turned 22 ! I really can’t believe it as I still feel like a kid most of the time.. The past years have gone so quick but hey – time flies when you’re having most fun, right?!

I actually had to work for a few hours on the day (which was super busy and stressful) but in the end it turned out to be fun and the birthday messages, hugs and cute little presents gave me that extra energy needed!
Later on me and a few friends and family members went for a quiet dinner as I’m really not into partying all night long. I prefer conversating with the people I love and want to have around my birthday celebrations.

Because of that reason, I didn’t want to wear a fancy dress with sparkles everywhere, so I wore something I love at the moment, that is a bit unusual and makes me feel comfortable (the last thing you want is to worry about your outfit when all you really want to do is just enjoy yourself).

So here we go:




I wore this olive colour jumper-dress that is so easy to dress up or down. During the day I paired it with my vintage black leather belt and a bag I’ve also had for a very long time (If I remember correctly I brought it back from Spain a few years ago, and I LOVE IT).  The colours are so me and every fall season I find myself going back to the greens, oranges, browns and blacks which makes this the perfect piece to go with anything!



For the evening I simply added a bit more jewellery (that were actually given to me as a present during the day!!) and changed my bag to a vintage clutch.



I’m always the tallest amongst my friends so I rarely wear heels – it makes me feel like that one odd one standing out from the crowd (especially when I need to lean down just to hear what my friends are saying haha). I’m glad my shoe collection had something a bit more exciting than black boots for me!

I wore my jam coloured oxfords from NewLook that have always been one of my favourite pairs. They’re just simply cute and suit my style!



The night was full of laughter and fun! We went to a Mexican restaurant in Notting Hill as we knew the food and atmosphere there was great. I was also hoping for some sombrero action WHICH WE ACTUALLY GOT!!! The staff made us feel super good and treated all of us with a few birthday shots on the house.


And thanks to Hummingbird bakery my red velvet birthday cake was not only beautiful but tasted like heaven!!!  I highly suggest getting your cake from their bakery – they know what they’re doing 😉



Thanks guys for visiting my blog! Any suggestions, questions or enquiries are always welcome and much appreciated!

Alise x